The Key Players

Michael Pettler - Co-founder Virtual Visit Presentations

"The corner fruit market has about five days to sell the same piece of inventory, a hotel has only tonight."

With a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and 10 years of hotel operational and sales experience with Marriott International and Inter-Continental Hotels Group, Michael brings industry knowledge and a passion for ‘the business’ to the team. His love affair with hotels began while traveling to play amateur hockey in his youth. The traveling continues, but the skates have been hung up and traded in for a camera…photography is now Michael’s sport of choice!

Scott Bowie - Co-founder Virtual Visit Presentations

Scott has a background in electrical engineering and years of software development experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Scott leads the development and support arm of the company determining how product innovations and enhancements should be strategically implemented based on industry and customer feedback. When not plugged in to his computer, Scott is a roller blader, a glider, a diver and a devoted dad and husband.

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