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Put Style in your Swag

CDs, flash drives, memory sticks or a customized iPod presentation – Virtual Visit gives you the power to create Corporate Swag that updates, interacts and always impresses. 

Spread the word....

Most properties rely on dull, expensive, and static print brochures. Always current, customized Virtual Visit e-swag helps you stand out. Create site inspections for your events package, to leave behind at meetings, or hand out at trade shows. Allow prospects to tour your property on their own or guide them via a pre-recorded tour path. Email renovation updates or new marketing initiatives to download onto the CD or memory stick they already have.

Close the deal ...

Imagine you've already used your Virtual Visit to win a verbal agreement, but the contract has not yet been signed. Is your competition hijacking the deal? Now imagine sending that client a USB pen which contains your Virtual Visit to remind them exactly why they want to do business with you – add a quick note suggesting they use the pen to sign the deal and you're away!

3rd party planners…Your 3rd party sellers!

Virtual Visit e-swag turns partners and planners into your extended sales force. They can use your Virtual Visit to sell your property to their clients, plan the event in detail, and promote it to attendees. Planners will appreciate your extra value service and help spread the word.

Put your property in your prospect's hands. Contact us today.

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