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Give your e-marketing campaigns the Virtual edge

Advertise directly to your audience without the big budget constraints of traditional print media! The Virtual Visit E-Marketing Solution allows you to control the message being sent with every email that leaves your office. Customized email templates, built specifically for your property, include graphical links to important resources such as your online brochure, reservations page and your Virtual Visit online solution

Enhance your emails with state-of-the-art, plug-in-free interactive tours

Now every campaign to announce special offers, new renovations, or amenity updates is an opportunity to invite an instant site inspection. Each email is automatically tracked. Know which links your recipients are clicking and use that data to further modify your communications.

Drive online traffic through your property with unique Virtual Visit contests

Looking for a unique campaign that compels more site visits?  We can create a contest that invites prospects to search your property for embedded Easter Eggs, Poker Chips, or other themed items. As they hunt they’ll see what sets you apart from your competition.

Don’t just reach out – draw them in. To get the Virtual Visit e-marketing advantage, contact us today.

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