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Be the Hottest Spot on the trade show block

Record a Virtual Visit tour path of property highlight that are important to the specific market segment (i.e. Tour & Travel, Corporate Group, Corporate IT, etc). During the show, your tour is replayed on a large display with full animation of doors, elevators, etc. and pop-up labels that indicate what area will be shown next.

Own the floor, capture more business

As attendees are captivated by your self-running display, break in and take them on a customized tour to answer any questions they may have - when finished, effortlessly return to the recorded tour path.

Virtual Visit makes it easy to follow-up like a pro...

Imagine recording a tour that covers all aspects of a clients proposed program, including notes for break-out sessions and specific requests. Now imagine that self-running tour showing up on the client's desk in the form of a CD, USB pen, or via email shortly after initial contact. Who do you think gets the business, you or your competition ?

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