Frequently Asked Questions
What happens when we have a small renovation?
A: It's simple. You send us with photos of your newly renovated areas (i.e. restaurant, business center etc.) and we update all five products with your new photos. Alternatively, we can arrange a photo shoot for you. Check out our Request a Photography Quote in the Contact Us section.

Can I use existing stock photography / panoramic images / video?
A: Yes you can. In fact that is how most of our clients get started. You send us your existing photography (still or panoramic photos or video) and we incorporate them into your launch of all five products.

What are the costs for updating?
A: That is the great thing! We include all of our software updates and upgrades at no charge to our clients for each of the five products. To keep your site-inspections up-to-date we even throw in a five stock photo update per year. You give us your new photos each year and we update your site-inspections.

What type of training is included?
A: Because training is very important we include 90-minute one-on-one telephone training sessions for up to five sales people. Each additional sales person is seventy-five dollars.
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