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“I could not be happier with our new sales tool.  ...feedback from my managers has been fantastic. More importantly, comments from our clients are even better. So good in fact, we contracted three groups worth over $135,000 before training even started. Talk about ROI!
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- Brian Getman, Director of Sales, Hilton Palacio Del Rio

"After looking at several tools to help expedite the sales process, I finally decided to implement Virtual Visit and immediately saw an improvement in closing business. After just six weeks of using our new tools, the sales team closed an additional $200,000.00 in business, all without requiring the customer to travel for a site inspection."

"From the point of view of the customer, a hotel having a tool that allows them to go on a site inspection without having to incur the cost of traveling actually makes it easier to do business with you. In fact, you are actually saving the customer money before they even sign a contract."

"This tool is one of the most innovative sales tools I have seen in 17 years in the hotel business and should take us to the next level in customer service."
- Jack Murray, Director of Sales & Marketing, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

 “I wanted to pass on some positive feedback from a 4 day meeting planner forum one of our sales managers just completed. She met with 50 planners face to face for 20 minutes each. This gave her time to use Virtual Visit with all of them – HUGE hit. Planners were very impressed. Our sales manager also had other hotels coming up to her asking if she would do a virtual presentation for them.”

“If you see it, you will believe it. So we make that easy for qualified meeting planners with our popular onsite FAM visits and now, the eSite Inspections too.  80% of what we use on the road is Virtual Visit the other 20% email.”
- Patrick Flynn, Executive Director of Hotel Ops & Sales, Peppermill Resort Spa Casino
"Using the virtual visit tool has helped us to position our hotel as a future conference location without forcing meeting planners to make the trip and waste valuable time. Virtual visits are much faster than live site visits, especially at large venues. They're also environmentally friendly, reducing car or plane travel."
- Jeremy Tyrell, Manager Hotel and Convention Sales, Associations, Caesars Windsor.
"Having recently used a Virtual Visit site for a client presentation, I wanted to thank you for creating such a user-friendly, flexible and effective sales tool..."
"I would imagine that this tool would be an invaluable resource to all time and budget-stretched planners. Not only is it possible to make a more educated decision on where to host a meeting, event or incentive, but I would expect that the program could be fine tuned right down to break-outs and final reception locations..."
"I look forward to the time when all hotels, resorts and convention centres have Virtual Visit Web sites to enable me to do my job far more effectively and productively."
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- Kathryn, Project Manager/Buyer, Carlson Marketing Group

"Great system. I think it would go a long way to eliminate costly and time consuming site inspections -- especially the multi day and multi visit ones ! Would be a great tool for both meetings and incentives -- new properties, upgrades and new features within existing hotels."

- Jeff Manley, Chief Client Officer, Carlson Marketing Group
"Seeing is believing. But it's the world-class service that makes Caesars Windsor stand out - and for us that starts long before the event reception. The Virtual Visit puts event planners and our staff literally on the same page while discussing the many options we provide."
- Shelley Sechopolous, Director, Hotel and Convention Sales, Caesars Windsor
"This is one of the best tools I have seen to sell a property to a client who is not able to do a live site inspection. I see this format becoming the best way to see a property and sell a property. I visit hotel & resort websites everyday and this is by far the most user friendly format I have ever worked with. I was able to visit and see what I needed without having to go through the stuff I did not need. What a time saver and right to the point. I look forward to working with properties that use your product."
- Greg Genest, Owner, The Meeting Encore Group Inc.
"Great. I love it. This is a tremendous tool to third parties and to group convention clients who are "time-compressed" and just don't have the ability to BE THERE."
- Jim Stanton, Regional Vice President, Helms Briscoe
"... The information was all-in-one, streamlining the opportunity to narrow down the hotel search and making the physical site inspection more effective. I look forward to more hotels having this available and seeing what the overall impact will be on the industry."
- Todd Zint, CMP, CMM, VP Corporate Relations & Events, MetLife Investors
"Thanks for the tour of your Virtual Visit product. The collaborative web browsing feature will be helpful for sales staff to assist meeting planners."
- Corbin Ball CMP, Owner, Corbin Ball Associates
"That was an interesting tour and a different concept than I've seen before. As I said on the phone, it's a nice added feature to have a salesperson be able to click through the property and simultaneously discuss what you're seeing. It could possibly save some time as a planner could ask questions as they arise while visually seeing the space with the salesperson on the other end of the line?..it does seem like the next step in technology adding service value."
- Barbara Miner, CMP, Senior Manager of Corporate Events, Sara Lee Corporation
"Great idea! Thanks for taking the time to walk me through the virtual [visit] of the ??. Kapalua resort. Will share with our Sales Managers, Account Executives, and Conferon Express team. Great way to get a good feel for the property and guide clients into properties that are going to best suite their needs."
- Kim Read, Research Associate, Conferon
"Excellent and really enjoyed the tour - it would definitely help me choose my short list of venues to site once my meeting specs are gathered. I like the picture sizes and with a Sales person guiding me through. I feel this technology is cutting edge and should be available in all properties. Thanks for including me and please do not hesitate to call me if you have further info."
- Kenneth F. Jones, CMP, Business Development Manager, Corporate Meetings and Events, Aspen Productions, Inc.
"The concept of this technology is great as it allows for focused attention and interactivity with sales personal. Better then static photographs on brochures or the internet."
- Marianne Thompson, CMP, Director of Special Events & Meetings, RE/MAX Promotions Inc.
"I think that your service is just fantastic! I think that it would be just great to have access to a virtual visit if I was planning an event in another city or country with hotels and properties that I wasn't familiar with. It would certainly allow me the capability of narrowing the search, and setting up site visits with good prospects, so that I could use my time effectively."
- Renee Levine , Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Base Consulting & Management Inc.
"... This tool would save us time and money normally spent on site tours and by narrowing down selections, we would be better able to serve our clients. This product allows for a personal experience without the travel time and would definitely aid the hotel sales person as much as the meeting planner. The ability to see the rooms in relation to one another, find out the capacity and view detailed photos all at once provides a phenomenal advantage over the static and not very useful images normally offered to planners on traditional websites. Many Thanks, Jana Green"
- Jana Green, Bayley Group Conference Management
"... Even if you have already toured the site, it will refresh your memory and let you see that "special room" that wasn't available during the site. For meeting planners, the potential is unlimited as you could virtually walk through all the options and then make your top choice of sites. Sales persons could walk the meeting planner through their property at the planners office and hopefully leave them with the site marked as "one of their favourites" to come back to again and again, as required. This type of virtual tour is a long awaited sales tool for the industry."
- Lynda Barrett, CMP, Director of Conferences, Canadian Home Builders' Association
"I find this virtual [visit] of the Hotel Georgia Vancouver very interesting. This could be very helpful for me as I book all my meetings in the Western Regions of Canada (Manitoba to BC) yet I live in Ontario. Site visits are not always possible in a crunch. Good idea!"
- Maria Kaszas, CMP, CE Coordinator, AstraZeneca Canada Inc.
"Thanks for the visit. A timely product that will undoubtedly save time and money for hoteliers."
- Kelly Gray, Editor, Western Hotelier Magazine
"I found this tool to be particularly useful in light of the fact that many of our schedules are so tight; an actual site-visit is often not possible. This tour was comprehensive and informative and, to my mind, as good as "the real thing". Hope you keep it. My tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable and a good representative for your hotel."
- Sylvia Bédard, Executive Assistant, Novopharm
"This is an excellent and valuable tool that aided me in planning my event! Extremely helpful."
- Kellie Smith, Account Executive, Atlantis Creative Group Inc.

MPI Members Say It Like It Is!

"I think it's a wonderful marketing piece and would be inclined to book the hotel over any others that simply directed me to a web site, or mailed me a brochure. I really like being able to change the set up of the same rooms at the click of a button. That will help a lot of people who can't visualize a room with various setups in it. I happen to have stayed at the Royal York 4 times in the past year and have to say that the photos are very realistic and I didn't experience one picture or image that was embellished."
- Shelley Rote, CMP, DMCP, Treasurer,MPI Gulf States, Managing Partner, Signature Events, LLC
"Very impressive! I would actually love this because it would save a great amount of time. I am sure this will especially help the hotels who are not located in a major city."
- Jane S. DeLeon, CMP, VP Communications, MPI Orange County
"Great new technology. I can see this being a very valuable tool for sales people, ... Professionally done product - will add to the image the property wants to project. I can also see some use here for facilities under construction or renovations since these are difficult times to take people for an actual tour."
- Marnie Pallesen, BA, CMP, President, MPI Calgary
"Great use of technology to help planners narrow searches, thus saving time and money. ?allows discriminating planner to visit appropriate selection of properties. For those who schedule many meetings and are unable to travel to sites, this is a cut above anything else I've seen. The interactivity with the actual salesperson at the site makes it so--allows planner and salesperson to focus in on and get real time answers to questions."
- Marie Long, CMP, President, MPI Carolinas, President, Meetings and More
"The virtual visit concept is a great tool in the meetings industry and a real time and money saver for planners and hoteliers. I loved the fact that I could ask questions via phone while going on the tour?this type of tour can cut down on the time spent on a "live" site visit - eliminate the facilities that won't fit a meeting's needs and concentrate on the facilities/meeting space that will fit. Great fun!"
- Sherry L. DeLaGarza, CMP, VP Programs, MPI Dallas, Meetings Manager, Society of Petroleum Engineers
"Thanks so much for showing me this great new technology. As a meeting planner I find this to be very valuable. ? this would certainly help to narrow the venue selection down and would save both time and money (both very precious commodities for a meeting planner today). It was great to be able to see floor plans and then click on the room to see what it looks like and then to get the dimensions and capacities. I also have a background in Hotel sales and from the point of view of a sales person this will be a very useful tool to have at your finger tips."
- Marla Seymour, B.A., CMP, President-Elect, MPI Calgary
"It's a great tool to have available for our clients who are from out of town and want to see our different properties."
- Susan Lanc, CMP, Director of Awards, MPI Toronto
"I think the tour was great. It would be a very beneficial tool to selling a hotel, especially a convention hotel where you really want a good understanding of where your meeting rooms are located."
- Kelly Kay Sarauer, CMP, Treasurer, MPI Arizona
"The site is very well designed....top quality. In my opinion...meeting planners could gain a good sense of space and accommodations by viewing the information in this format. Thanks for the tour."
- James Eggimann, Director, MPI Arizona
"The virtual tour of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto was absolutely fantastic. As a member of Meeting Professionals International, our annual conference was held in Toronto in July 2002 and I recall having one evening social event at the Royal York. The hotel and its staff was outstanding! I appreciate the opportunity of having been called upon to take the virtual tour. The ease in which the operator led through the tour made it so much easier than going online and clicking the different icons to navigate through the hotel website. Thanks!"
- Laurie Colicci, Secretary, MPI Houston
"This looks cool. This would help out with training staff prior to an annual meeting so they can get familiarized with the property before actually arriving and paying additional dollars for travel to send them on a site visit."  
- Elaine L. Powell, CMP, Past President, MPI Potomac, Assistant Director of Meetings, American Statistical Association
"Looks like a great tool for planners to utilize to make a more accurate determination on which properties are appropriate for their meetings and conferences. Thanks for the peek."
- Jan Weiner, CMP,VP Education, MPI Southern California
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